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Special EVENTS

From private to public events, to the red carpet, award shows, book signings, movie premieres and corporate events, The Blackburn Protective Agency has provided security services as well as personal protection for all in attendance. We have established an excellent reputation throughout the entertainment industry providing protection for its clients, employees and attendee's.


We also provide security for VIPs and celebrities while on tour, including advancing of venues and locations.


Our highly trained agents have expert skills and experience in areas such as situation threat assessment, surveillance, crowd control, emergency evacuation procedures and interception techniques.


Just a few stages of events that we can accommodate:


- Grand Openings

- TV and Film Wrap Parties and Premiers

- After Parties/Award Season

- Celebrity Appearances

- Autograph Signings

- Art Gallery Openings

- Fund Raising Dinners

- Political Conventions

- Corporate Marketing Events


No matter the size of the event we can customize a plan that best fits your needs.  Contact us for more information.

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